Time: 60 min
Participants: Max. 6 people
Difficulty of the room: High

Bottiglia de Prosecco in Regalo per ogni squadra che esce prima dei 55 minuti


2 players

2 x 25€


3 players

3 x 20€


4 players

4 x €18


5 players

5 x €16


6 players

6 x 15€

In 2019 The Humankind has been struck by the devastating epidemic. The mutated Ebola virus started changing the human body, turning the victim into an bloodthirsty zombie. Crowds of the walking dead are wandering around in seek of blood. Little groups of the survivors are staying in their hiding places. Couple days ago a talented microbiologist Anton Radkevitch has announced the vaccine creation using the common radio frequency. But his vault stopped sending radio signal after that. The nearest bunker has sent your team to scout the place.