You own an Escape Game and you want to open new rooms?
You have the project to open an Escape Game but you do not know how to do it?
Questhouse offers you 6 full packs of ready-to-use Escape Game.
Our team has extensive experience in creating and building Rooms all over the world:
• 2 rooms in Paris
• 5 rooms in Germany
• 1 room in Spain
• 2 rooms in the United States
• 2 rooms in Canada
• 7 rooms in Russia
• 4 rooms in Kuwait
From the delivery of the elements of the game to the documentation of the decoration elements and each technical element through all the electronics and the automated program, you get a turnkey product adapted to your local.
You want to build new technological rooms quickly, easily, and that will give your players a great view? Contact us and we can explain in detail!